Adopt a Highway Appreciation November 2018

November 11, 2018

Dear Aiken High School Rotary Interact Heroes,

Thank you for coming out yesterday to help us beautify our community. It’s wonderful to know that we always show up to pitch in when we are needed.

It was a chilly morning, I know, but along with our Rotary Club of Aiken friends, we got a lot of trash off the road. Really, a lot of trash.

And the nip in the air made the hot chocolate taste even better, didn’t it?

I hope we’ll see you guys at the upcoming Hornet Holiday Market.

Thank you,
Art Lader

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Thanksgiving Gratitude November 2018

November 8, 2018

Dear Aiken High School Rotary Interact Club Heroes,

I am so pleased that so many of you are taking part in our Thanksgiving Gratitude service project. It has been really nice making cards for our families, our friends, our teachers and anyone else we appreciate.

We’ll keep it up for the next two meetings and then we’ll deliver our cards. Delivering the cards is always fun.

Maybe we should get some Thanksgiving stickers to make our cards even nicer. What do you think?

Art Lader

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