Aiken City Councilwoman Gail Diggs Visit October 2019

October 1, 2019

Dear Aiken High School Rotary Interact Heroes,

Thank you for your interest in Aiken City Councilwoman Mrs. Gail Diggs’ message at today’s meeting: If we want to be the people who have something to say about the life of our town, we have to be engaged and one of the best ways to be engaged is to establish relationships with people who can make things happen.

Eventually, you will become one of those people, right?

I am already looking forward to our next speaker. I hope that you are, too!

Art Lader signature

Upcoming Events October 1, 2019


Remember that we meet every Tuesday after school. We always have something meaningful to do! We lead lives of purpose!

October 1, 2019: Mrs. Diggs at Aiken HS
October 5, 2019: Panda Express (March of Dimes)
October 11, 2019: Setting Up for Alzheimer’s Walk at Odell Weeks (They NEED us! Early release, anyone?)
October 12, 2019: Alzheimer’s Walk at Odell Weeks
October 19, 2019: Our Pancake Breakfast at Rose Hill
October 26, 2019: Kroger (International Programs)
November 2, 2019: Free Saturday, Baby (SAT)
November 9, 2019: Adopt a Highway and then Polio Plus Breakfast at Newberry Hall (Yes, both. We can do this!)

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