Mr. Lader asks: “In some states, not SC, the schools have closed for the rest of the year…

March 21, 2020

Mr. Lader asks: “In some states, not SC, the schools have closed for the rest of the year. Instruction will be online. What do you think? Should we do that?”


  • “No”
  • “Definitely as it has become a global pandemic so closing schools will help reduce any spread until a vaccine is made”
  • “No because kids like me need that face to face instructional time so we can better understand the subject.”
  • “I think we should, CDC projects this could go on for 8 months and the virus is no joke”
  • “In My Opinion, Only If The Number Of Cases In Our State Continue To Rise As In If It Gets Worse (Days From Now) Rather Than Better”
  • “I am praying for Gods healing and that it doesn’t come to that. Some students really need the structure of the classroom and the daily support from their teachers. Additionally and unfortunately- school is a welcome distraction from some students home life. Those students need our prayers. Prayers for you and your families safety. Thanks.”
  • “Personally, I would not want to have online school like we have had this past week, I would like to have regular school but only if we know it will be safe and I know out others in my grade who feel the same way. This week I’ve come to find that searching for an answer to a question on the internet actually takes longer than simply asking a teacher in person, so if we were to continue with online school I would prefer some type of video call classes, that way students could have the closest option to regular face to face school during quarantine.”
  • “I would hope not due to not having social interaction”
  • “no”
  • “I don’t think we should close for the rest of the year unless there is absolutely no other solution. I feel that closing for the rest of the year would hurt our student population academically as well as socially. It also prohibits the actions of certain clubs like ours, which thrive on being a part of our school and city community.”
  • “Yes. I think it would be better for the students to have individual time to do school work.”
  • I dislike the idea of doing online classes for the rest of the year, but It may be a necessary evil because a school is an ideal place for this dangerous virus to spread. There are over 1400 students enrolled at Aiken High and over 1500 people in our building everyday! If the virus is contracted by one person in our school, it will spread like wildfire! It is better to take precautionary steps and be proactive. We don’t want to be nonchalant and act when it is too late. This is too big an issue to NOT take precaution with. So as much as it sucks, it’s important to look at the bigger picture and cease the contraction of this virus for the safety of us, our families, our schoolmates, out teachers, and our leaders. As one intellectual once said, “We will never know if we overreacted to the situation, but we will know if we did not react enough.”

Habits of Successful Students

A new school year is about to begin. Here are ten tips from Opportunity International to help you be successful in 2018 – 219:

1. Get Organized. Making a plan for what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it will make sure you’re always ahead of the curve – literally.

2. Don’t multitask. Studies have shown that multitasking is physically impossible.

3. Divide it up. Studying isn’t fun to  begin with, and forcing yourself through a study marathon will only make it worse. Dividing your work into manageable chunks and rewarding yourself when you finish each chunk will make studying (more) fun.

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